Goals & Release Targets

“What to measure and why”, “making the intangible, tangible”, “x.x”

2021 Q1 & Q2 Objectives 📌

Roadmap through launch

  • Launch v1 end of Q1 2021
    • First to a small group of friendly partners who we have been talking to recently
    • Integrate feedback and iterate app
    • Invite remaining community to try it
    • Actively solicit feedback
  • Continue to deliver monthly updates
    • Inform partners about the details of each update
    • Continue to actively solicit feedback for the platform as we release updates, to help guide feature and backlog priorities, as well as communications
  • Launch v2 end of Q2 2021 - AKA Payday
    • v2 will contain visualization dashboards and data connectors
    • Once tested and functioning as expected, partner will now need to pay for this level of functionality
    • NOTE 1: this will remain as the free / paid cutoff… if you want dashboards and data connected, you need to pay… unless…
    • NOTE 2: If the organization is small and genuinely cannot afford to pay for isgood, then they can apply to Solutions for Humanity for a grant to cover the cost of the platform (or at least a heavy subsidy)


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