Getting Started

Welcome to the Growth Team!! 🙌✨⭐

First things first

Pro Tip: Bookmark this gitbook so you can easily access this resource!
The onboarding process will be outlined for you on ClickUp. Don't hesitate to reach out to sherpas if you have any questions! Here are some key points you won't want to miss during onboarding:
  • Finishing the onboarding checklist assigned to you on ClickUp
  • Joining all appropriate Slack Channels (namely #team-growth)
  • Having a chat with your Sherpa(s)

A note about ClickUp

It can seem a bit daunting at first, but trust us - it's a great way to keep track of tasks, projects and stay informed with your team. You will get better! Never hesitate to ask for help 🙂

Follow us!

LinkedIn - don't forget to add us as work experience on your profile 😊

Your first project

As part of #team-growth, you've got a blog writing initiation! Don't break into a sweat just yet - it's totally simple.
To learn more about and our mission, all new members are encouraged to write a blog or two to begin their work with the Growth team (and more as you wish 😁). The Writing Guide / Template will walk you through step by step on creating a blog (easy peasy).
Check out our blog writing toolkit to get started on your first project!

Next Steps

Continue on to the next pages to refresh on what exactly does, our code of conduct, and FAQs.