There are a few pieces of information in our Growth Strategy that closely guide our work in the partnerships team... here they are:

Growth objective

Build a community of change-makers who will use to solve the world's most complex problems.

isgood rules of growth

  • We don’t do ‘sales’, we have partners
  • We’re creating a community of collaborative change for the common good

Assumptions about isgood growth

  • We will grow through a network effect - once we get into organisational networks (those who wish to do good, and those who work with them) we will expand within those networks and through referral of their partnerships and collaborations

Broad focus areas for growth team

  • Build a community of Changemakers who want to do good in the world and are keen to help enable that change for the common good (these people will be our champions - see below)

What does this all mean?

It means that we are building a community of people who will want to use isgood and share it with their networks. We are not hard-selling them, we are going to let the vision and the platform do the talking.
It also means that our favourite partners are those who enable us to reach many users through one entry point. For example, Foundations and Impact Consultants; by engaging with one Foundation we can potential access all of the organisations that they have funded, as well as other Foundations in their network. That's a lot of potential projects, through one entry point.