Funding Strategy
Several principles underpin isgood's funding strategy:
  • We are focused on long-term social outcomes and results, and ultimately wide-reaching systemic change. We are not interested in short-term $ gain if it does not also contribute to long-term social outcomes, e.g. we do not have a plan to exit for max. $ in 10 years just for the sake of the $. (If this is the best strategy to achieve big long-term goals then it is a viable option).
  • We are focused on values-aligned partnerships.
  • We are not interested in a growth at all cost strategy. Mainstream VC investment is not necessary for us to achieve our goals, and may in fact be a barrier to achieving these goals.
Therefore our funding guidelines are as follows:
  • We will not chase mainstream VC / Angel / Accelerator $. If they come chasing us, competing for our attention, and we can deal with them on our terms then we will consider this option.
  • We will seek out and actively engage with funders who are strongly aligned with our values and who can support our mission to create long-term systemic change e.g. Global Innovation Fund.
  • We will build long term relationships with potential funders who prioritise social impact outcomes at least as much as they prioritise financial outcomes - patient capital.
  • We will not apply for pitch competitions unless they are strongly aligned to our key impact areas of girls education, global poverty, disaster resilience and recovery, and doughnut economic principles. E.g. She Loves Tech. We would only be interested in competitions for the promotional and marketing benefits.
Last modified 8mo ago
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