Our organisational structure is such that we can investigate various funding options.

Solutions for Humanity Inc.

... is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association - we currently have Tax-Exempt Charity Status (time of writing, March 2021), and have begun an application for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status.
... we can apply for non-profit grants, but are excluded from many philanthropic funding options (Foundations often find it simple to only fund orgs with DGR status)
Solutions for Humanity will become a fully-fledged coop in the future, but setting up and managing a coop requires more time and resources than we can currently devote to it.


... is a Proprietary Limited Company. 50% of the equity in isgood is (will be when the legals are fully sorted out) owned by Solutions for Humanity. This means that 50% of profits will go to the charity. Woo!
This also means that if we choose to, we could accept external "for-profit" investment into isgood. BUT we have some principles around this.. which you can find here.