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Writing Style

To ensure consistency in style and language, please follow the Editorial Guidelines. This document covers everything from formatting to writing best practices. It will also be used as a frame of reference for editors when reviewing content.

Interesting stats to consider

  • Blog posts consisting of 1,000-2,000 words receive an average of 56.1% more social shares as compared to content with fewer than 1,000 words
  • Headlines containing 14-17 words result in 76.7% more social shares compared to short headlines


As of now - Reviewed blogs that are ready to be published will have these steps to complete:
  • Checked off all subtasks in blog ClickUp card
  • Approved for publishing by team lead
  • Assigned publishing date by team lead on ClickUp
  • Tag @Max in subtask for publishing reminder
Steps subject to change once website is further set up for blog posting by individual author.

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