Brand Narrative
Before writing any important piece of collateral, or before any important engagement on behalf of isgood / SFH, read the following story and imbibe it to inspire how you communicate.
Our reason to exist is to create the tools that can help you make our world better.
We’re toolsmiths, change-makers, tech-wizards. We want to build a world that’s beautiful, joyful and inhabitable for all. We want to live surrounded by people who are free to create, love, think, dance, exchange and celebrate.
We want a planet where people, plants and animals can thrive (and fungus and bacteria too). So, we’ve committed our talents to social and environmental impact – or rather, to building the best tools for those who work on the frontline of fighting for a better world.
What drives our work is an honest desire to do all we can to make things better - and belief that we can succeed. Our learnings come from years of experience, as professionals, parents, citizens, and people. We come with a mature, rich, complex view of the world.
Our platform is created for change-makers. For those who can’t sit back while people are suffering, or while entire ecosystems are being threatened. When your actions have real-life consequences, you can’t just improvise randomly.
You are in the work of doing good, and you want to see your team deliver the best outcomes. Our AI follows complex patterns of cause and effect. It can track the direct and indirect impact of your programs, so you know precisely which programs and activities do the most good.
Time, resources and imagination are agents not to be wasted. We provide the tools and models that will make sense of the problem you’re trying to fix, without squandering these agents of change. Our tools help you focus on what matters.
To make sure that we will maintain a true diversity of views and let genuinely creative, original ideas come up, we set-up as a cooperative. So we won’t be stifled by a dictator at the top, or fall prey to shareholders or people who're just in it for the quick buck and a bunker to weather the storm.
And we're building the culture that goes with it. We put effort into respecting each other’s freedom and expertise internally. That’s how we like to work, and that’s how we work with people on the outside too. We make tools that will respect your unique context and needs.
Sounds like your type of crowd? Let’s have a chat – we’d love to collaborate, so you have what you need to go out and save the world!
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