Growth Team SOPs
Standard Operating Procedures ... to make our lives easier. VISION: envisions a world in which those who wish to do good have the insights and knowledge they need to enable a better future.
TEAM PRIORITIES: Build a community of Changemakers who will use to solve the world's most complex problems.

#team-Growth expectations

We will grow through a network effect - once we get into organizational networks (those who wish to do good, and those who work with them) we will expand within those networks and through referral of their partnerships and collaborations
Organic growth will be the dominant force, as demand for the platform will be high when the word gets out (see network effect above)
Once we’re in an organizational network it will be really hard to take us away - we will become critical infrastructure, system and source of knowledge.

Broad focus areas

Build a community of like-minded people. Change-makers who want to do good in the world and are keen to help enable that change for the common good (these people will be our champions - see below).
Get the platform in front of our community.
Create resources that make it easy to get onboard and ensure our community wants to keep supporting and/or using the platform.

Rules of Growth

1. We don’t do ‘sales’, we have partners
2. We’re creating a community of collaborative change for the common good
3. Perfection is the enemy of progress
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#team-Growth expectations
Broad focus areas
Rules of Growth